Jewellery, Accessories & Gifts

A lovely collection of jewellery of all types from gold plated and silver to semi precious stones, crystal, beaded and pearls, there is something for everyone. 

Crystal bracelets and earrings, chain necklaces,  divine statement earrings and of course some bling! We also have a fantastic collection of cosmetic bags and pouches beautifully embroidered with humming birds, zebras, bees, tigers, flamingos and cranes, and other wonderful designs.

The colours of the rich velvet bags are truly stunning and are even better and more decadent than the pictures - they are beautifully striking, made out of rich luxurious velvet. Great for a treat or as a gift for someone. 

Bring some glamour into your life with Scarlett and Black, stylish accessories for the fashionable individual. Enjoy the collection!

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.