Scarlett & Black Luxury Teas

Take a look at our range of exclusive teas at Scarlett and Black which are made from the finest selections sourced from teas all around the world and are wonderfully aromatic and easy on the palate. A stunning selection of luxury teas await!

Our suppliers are devoted to obtaining and packaging ethically-sourced products with minimal environmental impact and use industry partners and members of the Ethical Tea Partnership to ensure traceability of our teas and to cultivate thriving, equitable, and sustainable communities.

We have four varieties, The Scarlett Blend, an exquisite blend and one of the best we have ever tasted, The Jonathan Blend, a full bodied black tea mixed with safflower petals, The Scarlett and Black Luxury Breakfast tea, a delicious tea blend from India, China and Kenya, and our luxury Herbal Peppermint tea,  containing peppermint leaves from the best of the season bursting with minty flavour, totally caffeine free which tastes just as good hot or cold, warming in the winter and refreshing with ice on a hot summers day! 

Enjoy the exquisite flavour and  and luxury quality ingredients in every cup of our beautiful teas adding a touch of luxury to start your day or as a refreshing drink at any time of the day. These are wonderful as a gift too. 

Returns Policy - If your item isn't suitable or has a defect, we offer a hassle free returns policy across our full range providing you notify us of the defect straight away and request a return within 3 days of purchase. For more on our returns policy please follow this link Returns Policy

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